Sanders Applauds Obama Over Dakota Pipeline Controversy

President Barrack Obama put a halt on the Dakota Access Pipeline- A decision which Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was 100% in favor of.

The Hill reports, “Sanders, who has been an outspoken opponent of the pipeline, shared his message on Facebook.

“I appreciate very much President Obama listening to the Native American people and millions of others who believe this pipeline should not be built,” the post read.

“In the year 2016, we should not continue to trample on Native American sovereignty. We should not endanger the water supply of millions of people. We should not become more dependent on fossil fuel and accelerate the planetary crisis of climate change. Our job now is to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels, not to produce more greenhouse gas emissions.”

Feds denied the final permits required for the Dakota Access Pipeline project in North Dakota on Sunday.

The Army Corps of Engineers announced it would instead conduct an environmental impact review of the 1,170-mile pipeline project and determine if there are other ways to route it to avoid a crossing on the Missouri River.

“Although we have had continuing discussion and exchanges of new information with the Standing Rock Sioux and Dakota Access, it’s clear that there’s more work to do,” Army Assistant Secretary for Civil Works Jo-Ellen Darcy said in a statement.

“The best way to complete that work responsibly and expeditiously is to explore alternate routes for the pipeline crossing.”

Sanders is one of many on the left who have praised the federal government since the announcement.”

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