America Likes Paul Ryan More Than Ever

Through the thick and thin of this controversial election, Paul Ryan seems to have weathered the storm to come out on top. Ryan’s approval rating is higher than ever in the latest poll.

“The Speaker did not begin his relationship well with the (at the time) Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump.” Townhall reports, “The two men had withheld endorsements from each other. Trump’s tweet storms directed at Ryan created a lot of Republican enemies for the Speaker. He was faced with a highly publicized primary challenge. During the darkest days of the presidential campaign, some analysts even suggested control of the House was in play. Approval ratings showed his numbers dipping.

These were not the easiest of times for the Wisconsin congressman, but in the end, everything turned in his favor.

The Speaker buried his primary opponent by an 85 to 15 percent split. He and Trump walked into Election Day with a renewed friendship, both men supportive of each other and eager to work together to enact conservative reform. Ryan not only won his own district, but his Republican caucus emerged barely scathed after a dismal showing by House Democrats. He is still the leader of a Republican-controlled lower chamber while his Democratic counterpart, Nancy Pelosi, is the one left attempting to convince her colleagues to keep her on as minority leader…”

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