Retired 3 Star General Jack Bergman DESTROYS Hillary After FBI Re-Opens Email Investigation

Lt. General Jack Bergman, the Republican candidate for Congress in Michigan’s First District, shredded Dem Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a blistering statement released this afternoon.

“As a 3-Star Lt General in the United States Marines I understand the importance of guarding classified information,” Bergman said. “The cold reality is that if someone in the military did what Hillary Clinton did, they would have major legal problems.

Unfortunately, her failures don’t stop with putting our service men and women at risk by leaking classified information. She failed our country on national security in Libya when we unnecessarily lost the lives of our Ambassador and others faithfully serving our country.

She failed us in Russia, Syria, and throughout the Middle East while the Clinton foundation was charging tens of millions of dollars for meetings with her as our United States Secretary of State.”