Watch: Marrocco Lies To Macomb Voters About Financial Conflicts


Even fellow Democrats like Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel know Public Works Director Anthony Marrocco is corrupt.

Hackel blasted Marrocco in a radio interview this summer, spotlighting his corrupt “pay to play politics.”

Marrocco is in a heated race with Rep. Candice Miller to save his seat…

According to Politics Central:

“Without any nuance, Hackel declared that fellow Democrat Tony Marrocco, the Macomb County Public Works Commissioner who’s facing a tough election challenge from retiring Republican Congresswoman Candice Miller, is corrupt.

The executive said Marrocco has flexed his political muscles by engaging in a “pay to play” system for years in which those business owners who do not make generous campaign contributions to Marrocco are punished. These developers, contractors and construction company executives, Hackel said, are denied government contracts and permits. In contrast, those who play the game are rewarded.

“With my current public works director in Macomb County … (the political protocol) seems to be more a ‘pay to play.’ If you’re going to be part of this process where you come to these (Marrocco) fundraisers, then you’re going to benefit from these contracts. If you don’t, your permits and contracts are going to sit on the backburner,” said the Macomb Township Democrat.”

Marrocco also previously tried to snag a secret raise on the backs of taxpayers of around $25,000….

>>>Watch Marrocco lie about his financial interests below: