Breaking: Rand Paul Says Hillary Has “Significant Health Problems”

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Rand Paul, U.S. Senator from Kentucky and also a Doctor, says Hillary Clinton has serious health problems.

According to Breitbart:

“Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul tells Breitbart News Hillary Clinton is not in good health and she has not been forthright about her health challenges.

Paul, who has continued as a practicing eye surgeon since his 2010 election to the Senate, says it’s impossible to reach a conclusion about someone’s health without an actual examination.

“I think she has some significant health problems–I don’t know what they are,” he said.

“Her losing consciousness, there, which by all appearances she did lose consciousness, is not something commonly associated with pneumonia,” the surgeon said.

The former first lady had a heat stress incident while attending the Sept. 11 Ground Zero ceremony in New York City. After the incident, the Clinton left the ceremony abruptly, which her campaign ascribed to part of her struggle with a bout of pneumonia. Videos of the Democratic nominee for president appear to show her collapsing and being hauled into a black van.