WOW: Plot To Steal Nomination From Trump Still Ongoing?

An alleged attempt to try and strip Donald Trump of the GOP Presidential nomination is nothing but BS, top RNC officials say.

According to The Hill:

“The Republican National Committee is categorically denying reports that party officials are looking into how to replace Donald Trump in case he drops out of the presidential race before Election Day.

No one at national party headquarters has been instructed to look into that doomsday scenario, RNC strategist Sean Spicer said, and speculation that the RNC might pressure Trump to drop out of the race is unfounded.

Spicer insisted that there is no chance that anyone else will be the ballot in November.

“Donald Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party full-stop,” Spicer told The Hill. “That’s the reality. The rest is just a media-pundit concoction.”

The Trump campaign is also dismissing reports of turmoil in the campaign and the Republican Party as a media creation.”