Republicans Fight To Stop Controversial 11th Hour Vote On Secret ObamaTrade Plan

Some House Republicans are doing everything they can to stop TPP-known as ObamaTrade-from becoming law.

The controversial law is so secretive, the American people have only seen parts of it via WikiLeaks, and legislators who wish to read it must go in a secret bunker under penalty of arrest if they reveal what’s in it…

According to The Hill:

“Six House Republicans are calling on President Obama to forgo a congressional vote on a Pacific Rim trade deal before he leaves office.

Michigan Reps. Candice Miller and Dave Trott spearheaded a letter this week to the president arguing that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has raised too many concerns for Congress to take a vote after the November election.

“A lame-duck Congress should not vote on an agreement of this consequence, it would be an end-run around the American people immediately following an election,” the House members wrote.

“We urge you not to send TPP implementing legislation to Congress in 2016,” they said.”