“Hillary For Prison” Float Featured In Iowa Parade

You’ve gotta see this!

According to reports:

“To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Arcadia Fire Department, the western Iowa town hosted a parade, party in the park and a grand finale. But, according to the Carroll Daily Times Herald, a Hillary Clinton impersonator rode the parade as a prisoner, not a potential president.

The Daily Times Herald reported that Kyle Julin of Manilla and his friend Josh Reetz crafted a wooden barbed wire fence prison cell which was pulled behind an ATV. In it was Adam Corky, donning a Clinton look-a-like mask and a prison jump suit. The accompanying sign read “Hillary for Prison.”

Friends of Julin passed out hundreds of water balloons and encouraged those watching the parade from the curbs to throw them at the makeshift prison cell, according to the Daily Times-Herald report.

According to the 2010 census, more than 484 people live in the Carroll County town.

Julin said the group was booed while going down the parade route but said that a large majority of people were supportive of his idea and participated in throwing water balloons.”