Breaking: Trump Beating Hillary In Florida, Wins Hispanics By Double Digits


A new poll shows Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton in Florida, 47% to 42%.

Even more stunning? He beats her 49% to 36% with the Hispanic community!

He’s also doing much better than Mitt Romney in the 1-5 Corridor, a crucial region on par with Hamilton County in Ohio that political observers note are key bellwether areas, often indicating broader results…

According to reports:

“Currently, Donald Trump has a 47-42% lead over Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race (3% support third party candidates, while 8% are undecided).

There are four facets to Donald Trump’s lead:

(1) Partisan – Despite news reports to the contrary, Republican voters in Florida favor Trump by a 76-12% margin, and this solid support is augmented with 54-33% support from white Independents;

(2) Geographic – Florida’s geographic regions are fairly predictable in their partisan voting patterns. In this poll, overall geographic patterns of support are similar to those of 2012, with one exception: Mitt Romney only carried Central Florida 50-49%, while Trump has a 51-37% lead over Clinton in this crucial region (also known as “the I-4 corridor”) of the state;

(3) Ethnic – While much has been written about the monolithic nature of the Hispanic vote this year, the reality is more complicated in Florida, where the partisan breakdown of likely Hispanic voters is 39-31% Democratic/Republican (30% are not affiliated with the two major parties). Those of Hispanic origin in South Florida (particularly Miami-Dade) are historically Republican, while the growing Hispanic population in Central Florida is Democratic, but not unanimously nor consistently so. In this poll, Trump has a 49-36% lead over Clinton among Hispanics, largely due to a 72-11% lead among Hispanic Republicans; and

(4) Gender – there is currently an 17-point gender gap, as males favor Trump 51-36%, while female voters favor Clinton 46-44%.

The race in Florida will remain competitive until Election Day, as Hillary Clinton’s Democratic voter base is solidly behind her as well,”