British Independence Vote HUGE Sign Trump Headed For Victory In November: Here’s Why

It looks like yesterday’s historic #Brexit vote is a good sign for Donald Trump’s chances at winning the Presidency…

According to InfoWars:

“The surprise Brexit vote result in the United Kingdom represents a sensational victory for populist politics and makes a Donald Trump presidency more likely.

Brits stunned the world yesterday by choosing to ditch the European Union and reclaim their own sovereignty, a result that has rocked the global order.

It’s also an outcome that could help blaze a trail for Trump all the way to the Oval Office.

“If there’s one conclusion to draw from the Brexit result, it’s that nationalist sentiments may not necessarily be visible to political elites but the right person, with the right cause, can easily bring them out,” writes Brett LoGiurato.

According to Republican pollster Frank Luntz, the result represents a massive populist uprising.

“Populism is rising everywhere as people decide that government does not listen and does not care,” said Luntz.

“But this is even more significant, because Britain has never been the source of populist uprisings like this. If Britain can vote itself out of Europe, America can vote itself in for Trump.”

Nigel Farage also commented on the issue during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

“There is something happening in American politics that is perhaps a bit of a mirror of what’s happening here, a feeling in much of America, that what happens in Washington is too detached and too remote and Trump is cashing in on some of it,” said Farage, adding, “He must have a chance of winning.”

As the BBC reports, a Brexit win signifies that anti-globalist sentiment is stronger than the political class had bargained for.”