Facebook Censors DEVASTATING Hillary Emails From WikiLeaks: Here’s What You Need To Know

Facebook is censoring devastating emails from Hillary Clinton regarding Syria and Libya.

According to reports:

“A major archive containing over 30,000 of Hillary Clinton’s emails were released (recently) though the State Department began releasing the emails in May last year — after a Freedom of Information Act request — it is the first time the messages have been made easily available in a searchable format, courtesy of WikiLeaks. Before the launch, the FBI was investigating the Democratic candidate’s use of a private server during her tenure as Secretary of State. The archive contains over 7,000 emails written by Clinton herself.

The scary, albeit fascinating exposé on who’s in bed with whom in the halls of global power has expanded to include Facebook, according to WikiLeaks. The organization has accused the social networking site of censorship, saying Facebook is blocking users’ access to the latest Clinton dispatch.”