Stone Says He’ll Fight GOP Effort To Steal Election From Trump

Roger Stone, a longtime ally of Donald Trump, says he won’t let the GOP get away with stealing the nomination from Trump without a fight.

According to The Hill:

Donald Trump ally Roger Stone says he is organizing protests at the Republican convention in Cleveland this summer to keep the GOP from “stealing” the nomination away from Trump.

Stone on Friday told BuzzFeed he “will stage protests at hotels of state delegates of states supporting the BIG STEAL.”

Stone is calling the protests “#DaysofRage” in an apparent reference to 1969 protests in Chicago organized by radical left-wing groups.

Stone worked for the Trump campaign until August, when he and the campaign parted ways in the wake of hostilities between Trump and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly

In an interview with GQ earlier this week, Stone hinted at protests at the convention, saying that “I think there’d by extreme anger by the Trump supporters. I don’t know that it would boil over into violence. Trump is certainly not advocating violence.”