Breaking: Blumenthal BLASTS Obama In Shock Email To Hillary, Plots To Take Down Republicans In 2010 Elections

Blumenthal, left, Hillary, right

Breaking tonight: more emails from Hillary have been released and one from her close ally Sid Blumenthal is quite noteworthy.

In a shocking 10 page briefing to Hillary titled “H: New memo on midterms. My conscience now clear. Sid,” Blumenthal blasts President Obama and absolutely trashes Republicans as he strategizes with Hillary over the upcoming 2010 election that would see a historic Republican landslide.

This email is definitely worth a read…

Here is an excerpt of the email, available in full below:

“For: Hillary From: Sid Re: Memo #2 on Midterm Strategy: “Throw the bums in”

It is very late—very, very late, later than that. There is no Democratic message. The Obama political team’s themes have sunk to the bottom without a ripple during “Recovery Summer.” Democratic candidates are like survivors after the ship has gone down, scrambling to save themselves, “sauve qui peut.” There has not been a comparable moment since a dazed and confused Michael Dukakis responded to the Republican attack by wandering off to tour western Massachusetts for more than a week in August 1988 rather than campaign for president. (If you have a copy of my book, “Pledging Allegiance: The Last Campaign of the Cold War,” read the three chapters “The End of Ideology,” “The Birth of ,a Kinder, Gentler Nation,” and “The Dead Democrats,” for an acid flashback that will seem like deja vu.)

Dept. of I Heard The News Today, Oh Boy: Forget comparisons to 1994, says Charlie Cook, who now predicts the blowout will be bigger than 1980. A poll of September 2, “Quantifying the Enthusiasm Gap,” from Public Policy Polling discloses a decline of 7 points for Democrats in key races based on loss of support from within the party. Adding those 7 points would mean wins in almost every crucial contest. Gallup reports on its poll of September 2, “Republicans Hold Wide Lead in Key Voter Turnout Measure”: “Gallup finds 54% of Republicans, compared with 30% of Democrats, already saying they have given ‘quite a lot of’ or “some” thought to the contests.” Gallup reveals a 10 point Republican generic advantage over the Democrats.
In a compressed period of time the Democrats must win back their own constituencies, depress Republican enthusiasm, tell a compelling story about the Obama presidency in 25 words or less, and offer an alternative explanation of the Republican motive for wanting to return to power.

These tasks cannot be accomplished through philosophical digressions about competing conceptions of government, feeble apolitical metaphors (Obama, playing Ward Cleaver to Wally: “After they drove the car into the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back, now they want the keys back. No! You can’t drive. We don’t want to have to go back into the ditch. We just got the car out”), or insistent White House demands that the middle class still mired in economic difficulty express their gratitude to the administration and the Democrats for not having experienced the abyss.

In the less than two months left before Election Day there is only one potential path to possible or partial recovery—partisan polarization. This is already being done with a vengeance, but only by Republicans. They have succeeded in nationalizing the election as an exercise in resentment focused on Obama and Pelosi. The Democrats are left in pieces, groping for words…”