Breaking: Rubio Warns Of Dirty Tricks By Cruz In South Carolina Tomorrow

Just in from the Rubio campaign: they say they won’t let what happened to Ben Carson in Iowa happen to Rubio in South Carolina.

According to a release:

“The Rubio for President campaign today urged South Carolina voters to beware of dirty tricks from the Cruz campaign during tomorrow’s primary.

“We will not allow Ted Cruz to do to Marco in South Carolina what he did to Ben Carson in Iowa,” said Rubio communications director Alex Conant. “Cruz has proven that he is willing to do or say anything to get elected. Over the last 10 days, the Cruz campaign has lied, smeared, fabricated and even photoshopped.

We fear the worst dirty tricks are yet to come. We strongly urge all South Carolina Republicans to beware of suspicious news reports, emails and social media posts during tomorrow’s voting. The Cruz campaign will do anything to stop Marco Rubio’s momentum.”

The release notes that the “campaign is urging South Carolina voters who suspect more dirty tricks by the Cruz campaign to immediately contact the Rubio campaign at”