Iowa Newspaper Questions Cruz’s Christian Values After Caucus Controversy

The Des Moines Register, Iowa’s largest newspaper, is questioning GOP Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s Christian values after controversial campaign tactics ahead of Monday’s caucus.

The paper spotlighted the “voter violation” mailers Cruz sent out.

According to The Hill:

“The Des Moines Register is accusing Ted Cruz of carrying out a “campaign of deceit,” and calling his actions troubling for Iowa Republican voters.

The state’s paper-of-record charged the Cruz campaign with peddling “pure, unadulterated fiction” when it sent voting mailers that appeared to be from the government.

The mailers told voters they had received a “voting violation” because of poor caucus participation in the past and for sharing information about other voters.

“This was simply a politically motivated attempt to shame certain people into caucusing by assigning them “grades” and “scores” that had absolutely no legitimacy,” the paper wrote. “In essence, the mailer was a complete lie, from start to finish.”

Cruz won the Monday caucuses by a margin of 3 percent, ahead of Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. But Trump has bashed Cruz’s conduct, calling for the results to be voided and threatening a lawsuit.