Breaking: Serious Questions Raised After Hillary Busted Bringing Outsiders To Iowa

If missing precincts and bizarre coin tosses weren’t enough fun for Hillary in Iowa, it now seems she brought in staff from out of state to run precinct operations, raising serious questions about what other things people from outside Iowa may have played in the caucuses last night.

Sanders officials blasted the shady out of state involvement.

According to reports:

“I think this raises a very serious concern,” Jeff Weaver, national campaign chairman for Sanders, told Yahoo! News…

Precinct captains are traditionally entirely staffed by Iowans. Weaver calls this a “highly irregular” practice on the part of the Clinton campaign, with some experts worrying that this placement “could easily lead to abuse.”

While Weaver assured Bernie supporters that he’s not concerned specifically about this single out-of-state precinct captain, he did insist that this could be a small link in a larger strategy by the Clinton campaign to have “non-residents attempt to participate and be counted in the caucus.”