Rand Paul Announces Online Twitter Townhall During Tonight’s GOP Presidential Debate

Photo by Gage Skidmore

2016 GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul will take to Twitter during tonight’s debate where the Kentucky Senator

According to a press release, “The senator will take his message straight to the people by holding a national, interactive town hall at 9:00pm ET live from Twitter’s New York City office.

Paul issued a statement blasting his exclusion from tonight’s main stage debate saying he “won’t be silenced.”

“I have been excluded from the debate tonight, but I won’t be silenced,” Paul said.  “For years I been saying the Republican Party needs to be bigger, better, bolder, that we need a more diverse party, that we need people with tattoos and without, with earrings and without, that we need to be a party that welcomes everyone: the rich and poor, white, black, brown — everyone. But above all else we need to allow diversity of opinion. The GOP needs to allow dissent and allow a variety of voices to be heard.

Tonight, I will use Twitter to ensure that the voice of liberty is heard. Don’t be led by the nose to a future that includes only the banal and soporific — choose liberty unfiltered and direct from the source.”

To participate and watch this national town hall, visit: twitter.com/randpaul