Rubio Misses Major Intelligence Briefing On North Korea Drama To Attend Fundraiser

Sen. Marco Rubio (Photo by DarKen Photography)

2016 GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio is under fire for missing yet another important intelligence briefing so the Florida Senator can attend a fundraiser.

This time the subject is North Korea. Previously, Rubio missed a major briefing on the Paris attack for a fundraiser in California…

According to The Hill:

“Marco Rubio is scheduled to attend a fundraiser in the Florida Keys Monday night one hour into a classified hearing on North Korea’s recent missile test, even as the Florida senator continues to face criticism about his attendance record in the upper chamber.

The Senate Foreign Relations Hearing scheduled for 5 p.m. is titled “Assessing the Recent North Korea Nuclear Event.” It includes testimony from four government representatives, two from the State Department, one from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and one from the Defense Department.

But Rubio’s presidential campaign is hosting a fundraiser in Key Largo billed as “An Evening Reception with Senator Marco Rubio.”

Alex Burgos, a spokesman with Rubio’s Senate office, told The Hill that the senator will return to Washington on Tuesday.”