Christie BLASTS Rubio As Battle For New Hampshire Intensifies

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says fellow 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio needs to quit his job in the Senate if he isn’t going to start showing up to vote.

Christie’s criticism comes as the two battle for position in New Hampshire, just a little over a mont before voters there go to the polls. Donald Trump maintains a sizeable lead in the “live free or die” state.

According to The Hill:

“New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie lashed out at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Tuesday for missing votes in the Senate.

Speaking at a town-hall event in Iowa, Christie singled out Rubio for missing a vote on the $1.8 trillion end-of-the-year spending bill and tax package. Rubio said he opposed the bill and late in the process threatened to block it, but ultimately missed the vote because he was campaigning for president.

“[Rubio] matters as much as I do and I don’t have a vote in the Senate. He has one and didn’t go,” Christie said. “Only in Washington could you have the guts to say I’m against something that you have a vote to vote ‘no’ on and then just not go and then put out a press release after it gets passed to say, ‘this is why I was opposed to it’.”

“Well dude show up to work and vote ‘no’, right?,” Christie said. “Just show up to work and vote ‘no’ and if you don’t want to then quit.”

Christie and Rubio are battling for support in New Hampshire, where voters go to the polls for a primary on Feb. 9. A strong result is a key for both men, who are vying to emerge as a strong alternative to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.”