“Most Liberal” GOP Congressional Candidate In The Country Tom Casperson Admits He’s A Tax And Spend Republican

The State Senator running for Congress in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District is known for his controversial voting record, backing multiple unpopular tax increases during his time in Lansing.

Now Tom Casperson is admitting on a local radio show to charges that the lawmaker is a “tax and spend Republican.”


Conservative Intel previously wrote of Casperson:

“Casperson’s voting record is immensely controversial, voting for multiple pieces of legislation that Michigan conservatives despise.

From voting for a gas tax increase, Michigan’s version of “Obamacare,” as well as the largest tax increase in the Great Lakes State in over 50 years-among other things-Casperson’s conservative credentials are sure to be front and center throughout the campaign.

According to an analysis from Inside Michigan Politics, Casperson is the 2nd most liberal Republican State Senator in Michigan.

“Only one Republican state senator has a more liberal voting record than Senator Tom Casperson of Escanaba.”

Other top contenders include former State Senator Jason Allen, and State Rep. Lee Chatfield…