Watch: John Kerry’s Shocking Description Of Paris Attacks Causing Controversy

Photo by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo

Secretary of State John Kerry is under fire after saying the January terror attacks in Paris that left 13 cartoonists from Charlie Hedbo dead for depicting Muhammad were “legitimate” and “rationale.”

According to Politico:

“Secretary of State John Kerry suggested on Tuesday that there was a “rationale” for the assault on satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo, unlike the more recent attacks in Paris.

“There’s something different about what happened from Charlie Hebdo, and I think everybody would feel that,” Kerry said in Paris, according to a transcript of his remarks. “There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of — not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, OK, they’re really angry because of this and that.”

“This Friday was absolutely indiscriminate. It wasn’t to aggrieve one particular sense of wrong. It was to terrorize people,” he continued.”