Breaking: Obama Secret Service Agent Arrested For Trying To “Sext” With A 14 Year Old Girl From The White House

Breaking tonight: multiple news outlets are reporting that a member of President Obama’s Secret Service team has been arrested after a teen sexting sting caught him trying to procure nude pictures of at least one young teen girl.

And get this: he allegedly tried to conive the teen into sending pictures while he was at work…at the White House.

As it turns out, the teen was actually an undercover cop in Delaware…

According to The Hill:

“A uniformed Secret Service agent has been arrested for allegedly sending a nude photograph to someone he believed to be a 14-year-old girl, CNN reported Thursday.

Delaware State Police reportedly caught the agent in a sting operation, after he allegedly sent several messages to an officer posing as a young girl.

Some of the messages were reportedly sent from the White House grounds. The agent requested meetings and sexual encounters with the state trooper who was posing as the girl.

“What would make you more nervous, riding on the motorcycle with me or having sex with me?” he asked in one of the messages.”