Flip Flop? Turns Out, Bernie Sanders DOES Give A Damn About Hillary’s Emails

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is singing a different tune when it comes to fellow 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the email scandal involving the former Secretary of State.

He says concerns over her email setup are “valid.”

According to Politico:

“In his most explicit critique of Hillary Clinton’s email controversy to date, Democratic presidential rival Bernie Sanders told The Wall Street Journal that if the former secretary of state skirted public-records requests or compromised classified information, concerns about the issue are “valid questions.”

Asked whether he regretted his remark that the American people are sick of hearing about her “damn emails” during the last debate, Sanders said in the Wednesday interview that he did not and that the investigation should “proceed unimpeded.”

“You get 12 seconds to say these things,” the senator explained. “There’s an investigation going on right now. I did not say, ‘End the investigation.’ That’s silly.”