Will Jeb Bush Drop Out? His Struggling Campaign Just Made A Big Announcement

Photo by Gage Skidmore

2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush is struggling to keep his campaign running, fueling speculation the former Florida Governor may drop out if he can’t turn things around in the next few weeks and months.

While dropping out is unlikely, Bush is clearly struggling to stay a float.

According to Politico:

“Jeb Bush on Friday ordered a wholesale restructuring of his struggling campaign after suffering miserably in the polls despite massive spending and a deep donor network.

The campaign will cut payroll costs by 40 percent, downsize its Miami headquarters by more than 50 percent, reduce travel costs by 20 percent and cut 45 percent of spending on things other than media and voter contact.

The cuts will begin on Nov. 1.

Although campaign officials insisted they’re still in strong shape, the cuts — combined with Bush’s stagnant poll numbers — suggest otherwise. According to donors, some of whom called for Bush to rein in its spending, the campaign’s assurances about its organizational and financial advantages had worn thin; and the third-quarter financial report, filed last Thursday, gave further definition to their growing concerns about the state of the campaign.”