$100 Million #BlightScandal In Detroit: What You Need To Know

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan finds himself in the hot seat after a controversy involving the removal of blighted homes in the Motor City.

The head of Detroit’s Land Bank is also now out of a job as Duggan’s administration faces intense scrutiny over what the heck is going on with the removal of blighted houses as part of a $100 million federal grant.

Reporter Charlie LeDuff first reported on the scandal a few  weeks ago, showcasing the significant cost increase in removing blighted homes since Duggan has taken office.

What used to cost around $10,000 now costs $16,000 or, in some cases, more than $20,000. LeDuff also notes that Detroit’s costs are around 30% higher than its neighbors who also received federal grants, and nearly 200% higher than Romulus, which received nothing…

While Duggan claims it’s because of increased quality, Detroiters, along with LeDuff and the evidence on the ground, say otherwise.

The latest report from LeDuff shows members of the Duggan administration worked with contractors to rig up bids before they were submitted. It also shows members of the Mayor’s staff using private email for public business.

WXYZ has also confirmed federal authorities are investigating the #Blight$candal in Duggan’s administration…

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