Obama Fundraisers Ignore Hillary While Dreaming Of Biden

President Obama’s notorious fundraising team is staying mostly on the sidelines so far, leaving Hillary Clinton without valuable resources as Obama bundlers wait to see if Vice President Joe Biden gets into the race.

According to USA Today:

“Hundreds of wealthy Democrats who raised money for President Obama’s re-election have not yet joined the top fundraising ranks ofHillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, raising hopes among some of Vice President Biden’s supporters that there remains a path for his late entry into the race.

Just 76, or less than 10%, of the 833 individuals who collected political cash for the 2012 Obama-Biden campaign are listed among Clinton’s “Hillblazers,” her campaign’s designation for people who already have bundled together at least $100,000 on her behalf,  a USA TODAY analysis of Clinton’s newly updated fundraiser list shows.

Biden loyalists have sought to assure his supporters in recent days that there is still a viable route to the nomination, despite Clinton’s commanding debate performance Tuesday in Las Vegas and her early fundraising dominance over the 2016 field.”

Biden is expected to wait until after Hillary faces Trey Gowdy and the Benghazi committee this Thursday.

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