O’Malley Attacks Trump: Here’s What He Said

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, a Democrat running for President, blasted fellow White House hopeful Donald Trump at last night’s debate, pulling no punches as he went after “The Donald.”

According to Breitbart:

“Tuesday at the Democratic presidential debate televised on CNN, former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD) took aim at Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump for his stand on immigration calling him a “xenophobe,” an “immigrant hater” and a “carnival barker.”

Discussing undocumented immigrants getting in-state college tuition, O’Malley said, “A lot of the xenophobes, the immigrant haters, like some that we’ve heard, like Donald Ttrump, that carnival barker in the Republican party tried to mis-characterize it as free tuition for illegal immigrants. But we took our case to the people when it was petitioned to referendum and we won with 58% of the vote. The more our children learn, the more they will earn and that’s true of children who will yet to be naturalized but will become American citizens.”

>>>O’Malley had a so-so performance at the debate, but has received positive response from Dems for his closing statement in which he also attacked Trump.

“I am very very grateful to be on this stage with this distinguished group of candidates tonight. And what you heard tonight … was a very very different debate from the sort of debate that you heard from the two presidential republican debates. On this stage you didn’t hear anyone denigrate women, you didn’t hear anyone make racist comments about new American immigrants.

You didn’t hear anyone speak ill of another American because of their religious beliefs. What you heard was an honest search for the answers that will move our country forward, to move us to a 100 percent clean electric energy grid by 2050.

To take the actions that we have always taken as Americans, so that we can actually attack injustice in our country, employ more of our people, rebuild out cities and towns, educate our children at higher and better levels, and include more of our people in the sociopolitical and economic life of our country.

I truly believe that we are standing on the threshold of a new American progress, unless you become discouraged about our gridlock in Congress, talk to our people under 30. You’ll never find among them people who want to bash immigrants, people who want to deny rights to gay couples. That tells me we are moving to a more connected, generous, compassionate place, and we need to speak to the goodness within our country.”