Hillary Makes Pee Joke During Dem Debate: Here’s What She Said

Hillary Clinton at tonight's debate (Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

Hillary Clinton survived the first Dem 2016 Presidential debate without a major gaffe, but the former Secretary of State did make an…interesting joke about women taking longer to pee compared to men.

According to Slate:

“Hillary Clinton has noted, at Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas, that electing a woman as president of the United States would be a historic first. She also, it seems fair to say, just became the first presidential candidate to make reference during a debate to how long it takes women to pee.

The transcript:

Anderson Cooper: And welcome back to this CNN democratic presidential debate. It has been quite a night so far. We are in the final block of this debate. All the candidates are back, which I’m very happy to see.


It’s a long story. Let’s continue. Secretary Clinton, welcome back.

Clinton: Well, thank you. You know, it does take me a little longer. That’s all I can say.”