Dr. Carson EMBARRASSES Hillary: Check Out What He Just Did To The Book She Sent!

Hillary Clinton probably regrets sending the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates her book. First, Rand Paul owned her over Benghazi, now Dr. Ben Carson is striking back in a campaign ad with almost 1.5 million hits in just a few hours.

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According to The Hill:

“Ben Carson’s campaign staff is thanking Hillary Clinton for sending a copy of her book their way, by using it as a doorstop, a coaster and a computer stand.

The GOP White House hopeful’s campaign released a video Friday showing the ways it says it’s putting “to good use” the Democratic presidential front-runner’s 2014 memoir “Hard Choices.”

In one scene, a staffer is seen cleaning up a drink spilled on her desk, before then placing the offending coffee cup on The New York Times bestseller. “Thanks, Hillary,” she says to the camera.
Another worker rests his laptop atop the book, while in yet another scene, a woman is seen struggling to reach a pack of paper plates stacked on a refrigerator. She ultimately steps on Clinton’s book to grab the items.

Still another staffer does weight lifts with “Hard Choices” during what’s dubbed an “office break exercise” before thanking Carson’s political rival.

The ad, paid for by Carson America, garnered nearly 50,000 likes on Facebook in two hours after being posted Friday morning.”