Liberals FURIOUS As Sheriff Clarke Schools Gun Control Advocates After Oregon Rampage

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has liberals fuming after Clarke took to Fox News to blast “gun free zones” and gun control efforts in the wake of a massacre at an Oregon college that left 10 dead and again reignited America’s gun policy debate.

Reports say the killer targeted Christians and was confronted by a hero Vet who tried to stop him.

According to Conservative Firing Line:

“Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke appeared on Fox News and proposed a gun law that could have stopped the Oregon shooter before the carnage got so severe, but liberals are going crazy over it.  So, what did he propose?

“I’ll answer your question on what law can be changed.  We should get rid of these gun-free zones.”

Clarke’s suggestion came after liberals were asked what gun laws could have prevented the shooting, and they were unable to name a single one…”

Clarke also said Americans should be able to use guns to defend themselves.

“Clarke went on to explain why people arming themselves for protection is a pretty good idea:

“We should allow people … to be able to play a role in their own safety.  I think it’s heartless to expect people in these gun-free zones to be lined up and slaughtered with on way to defend themselves. These gun-free zones have become killing fields. That is the one constant in all of these mass murders.”

 “Here are some things that I think might work.  Here’s what I think should happen … citizens should be able to play a role in their own personal safety.”

“The only thing that stopped that incident yesterday was when a good guy, a police officer with a gun showed up and they were able to neutralize that homicidal maniac,” Clarke added.”