HUGE: Ben Carson Raises Record Amount Of Campaign Cash

Dr. Ben Carson raised a record $20 million in the third quarter of 2015, giving the 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful the fiscal resources┬áto match the soft spoken Doctor’s impressive ascension to the top of the polls.

Carson is currently in a dead heat with Donald Trump in multiple polls and his fundraising numbers allow Carson to remain competitive, possibly even inching him over the top to dethrone “The Donald” as the front runner for the Republican nomination.

According to the AP:

“Political newcomer Ben Carson raised more than $20 million in the past three months to fuel his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, his campaign said Wednesday, a haul of campaign cash that shatters records and sets a new bar for his GOP rivals…

“You know, the pundits all said that we would never be able to mount a national campaign for financial reasons, but here we are approaching 600,000 donations,” Carson told The Associated Press while campaigning in New Hampshire. “The people have gotten involved, and that’s something I think they probably never anticipated.”

The day was a culmination of an extraordinary run for Carson, who tapped the wave of anti-establishment sentiment to raise $12 million in September alone, said campaign manager Barry Bennett.”

The article notes Carson’s haul is more than all GOP candidates COMBINED at this time in 2012.

“Carson raised at least $20.2 million for the quarter that ended Sept. 30, Bennett said, noting that receipts were still trickling in.

That’s more money than what was raised by the GOP’s entire White House field combined over the same period four years ago. Mitt Romney, the establishment favorite in 2012, raised $14.2 million during that time, while the most popular outsider, former pizza chain CEO Herman Cain, brought in $2.8 million.

Bennett estimated the campaign had at least $12 million in the bank as of Wednesday. Overall, the campaign received more than 600,000 donations since launching in May from a total of 353,000 individual donors.”