State Dept Contradict Hillary’s Email Story

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

During Hillary Clinton’s early defense of her use of a home-based email server, she explained that she was quick to turn over emails to the State Department in response to a request the agency sent to several former secretaries.

But an account from the State Department this week of the events that resulted in the 55,000 pages of documentation received from Hillary’s staff clearly does not line up with her version.

According to the State Department, officials contacted Hillary fully three months earlier in the summer of 2014 after it was learned that she was using a home-based server.

Department spokesman John Kirby detailed, “In the process of responding to congressional document requests pertaining to Benghazi, State Department officials recognized that it had access to relatively few email records from former Secretary Clinton.”

It was only after that discovery that the agency later decided that an expanded request for emails from other secretaries as well would be a prudent course of action.