Walker Ends White House Bid

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

In a surprise move that even some of advisers did not expect, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced on Monday that he is suspending his presidential campaign.

The second among the 17-wide GOP field to do so, Walker insiders cited poor fundraising and a precipitous drop in the national polls the cause for reconsideration of his path to victory.

Once the undisputed leader both in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Walker campaign was burning through cash quickly in order to fund its massive operation in both states despite having raised less than a quarter of what Jeb Bush’s operation has hauled.

What’s more, Walker’s underwhelming performance in both GOP debates fueled speculation among donors and supporters that he would be unable to inspire and rally the party faithful.

In his address, Walker urged many of his fellow contenders to join him in dropping out in order that the field could be narrowed to focus on a few serious challengers.

Marco Rubio’s campaign wasted no time in moving to fill the void. Rubio campaign chief Terry Sullivan announced that Walker’s campaign co-chair in New Hampshire is publicly endorsing Rubio.