Operative Says Biden 100% In

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Perhaps the clearest sign as to the ultimate decision Vice President Joe Biden will make in his exploration of a White House bid came via eavesdropping on a Draft Biden political operative.

An unnamed source listened in Thursday on a phone conversation Draft Biden Super PAC official Josh Alcorn was having in which he insisted that he is “100 percent that Joe is in”.

Although Alcorn indicated he was not sure when Biden would officially announce his bid, he projected it would likely happen in mid-October.

Alcorn explained that test ads were doing well in converting Hillary supporters to Biden but that New Hampshire would present a challenge for the campaign organization.

Other advisers have since disavowed the claims overheard by Alcorn, but his bold declarations nevertheless have stoked the speculation this week that Biden is nearing an announcement to seek the Democrat nomination.

The news sent Clinton campaign operatives into overdrive Friday in hopes of fending off fallout should the report turn out to be a legitimate leak.