Fiorina on the Rise

(Joe Shearer/The Daily Nonpareil via AP)

Two days after the record-setting CNN debate in Simi Valley, all the buzz is about the undisputed performance by former HP CEO Carly Fiorina who reaffirmed that her role among the top tier is well earned.

Multiple focus groups of bipartisan pundits and analysts were unanimous that Fiorina most established herself as a force to be reckoned with among a field of experienced and talented men but also as one of the few candidates who has successfully put Donald Trump in his place.

Her now iconic rejoinder to Trump’s infamous “look at that face” remark positioned her as the single best opportunity for the Republican Party to capture women voters, the one key demographic with which Trump has struggled the most.

According to a Gravis poll conducted the night of the debate among voters who specifically had watched the event, Fiorina was tied with Trump at exactly 22%. Should that trend hold steady, her performance could ensure that she becomes the greatest threat to his lead among the field.