Jerry Brown Bid for the White House?

Neon Tommy/Flickr

Vice President Joe Biden isn’t the only major official seriously considering a late entry into the fray for the Democrat nomination.

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, California Gov. Jerry Brown made explicit his interest in jumping in at some future point.

Explaining that he has learned to be patient over his political career he opined that when he sees he can “be helpful” he will “jump in at the appropriate time.”

Whether his reference to “jumping in” means a bid for the White House or simply a more prominent role on another candidate’s behalf was unclear.

But given Hillary Clinton’s continued slide in the polls and that Brown would have almost certain command of convention delegates from California, a Brown candidacy is well within the realm of possibility in the coming weeks.

Should Biden opt against running despite Hillary’s ongoing political misfortunes, the void left in the center of the race could be enough to entice a Brown bid.