Walker Bails On Big Michigan Political Event After Plummeting In Iowa

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks in Michigan a few months ago (Photo by DarKen Photography)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was supposed to take part in a big Michigan political conference this upcoming weekend, but his plummeting poll numbers in Iowa have Walker adjusting his schedule. Recent polls show Walker taking just 3% of the vote in the Iowa caucus-previously, Pre-Trump, Walker led in Iowa with nearly 20% of the vote.

Walker was slated to appear at the upcoming Michigan Republican Party “Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference,” a biannual political event taking place on Michigan’s historic Mackinac Island that state political insiders consider to be extremely important, especially for courting statewide campaign leaders and volunteers.

This weekend however, Walker said he can no longer make it and will focus on Iowa and South Carolina.

According to The Washington Post:

Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker has canceled two speeches he was scheduled to give next weekend in Michigan and California so that he can instead spend time meeting voters in South Carolina and Iowa.

Walker has steadily fallen in early polls, worrying his fundraisers, donors and prominent supporters. When the Wisconsin governor launched his presidential campaign in mid-July, he was considered one of the top-tier candidates and seemed on track to win the Iowa caucuses. Now he is registering single-digit support and trying desperately to jump-start his campaign. A poll released Friday by Quinnipiac University found that just 3 percent of likely caucus goers in Iowa would pick Walker, down from 18 percent in July.

Walker also ditched plans to speak at the California Republican Party convention.