Big Trouble For Jeb Bush In Florida

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (Photo by DarKen Photography)

Jeb Bush spent nearly a decade as Governor of Florida, but if recent polls are any indication, Bush could be in a lot of trouble in the Sunshine State.

According to the Real Clear Politics Florida average , Bush is at 18%, which is 7% behind Donald Trump. The Donald leads the pack while Bush is tied with Ben Carson.

However, that’s the average of recent polls. The latest state poll from The Florida Times Union is much worse for Bush. It shows Trump with 29%, Carson with 25%, and Bush third with 19%.

Fellow Floridian and 2016 contender Marco Rubio is also facing problems in his home state. The RCP average puts the Senator at 8.5%, but the Florida Times Union poll has him at 6%.

The Florida numbers reflect movement in other states. where Trump leads nationally with 29% followed by Carson at 16% and Bush third  at 8.5% according to Real Clear Politics.

If Bush can’t get things under control in his own state, a region where he is a powerful political force, the Governor could be in for a grueling and difficult campaign ahead.