Biden Goes on the Trail

Vice President Joe Biden’s political future received a dose of fresh speculation this week as he traveled to key primary state of Florida, ostensibly to promote free community colleges.

While in the Miami-Dade area, Biden also attended a fundraiser hosted by wealthy developer Stephen Bittel, who raised more than $200,000 for President Obama’s campaign.

The event prompted the press corps to question Biden about his intentions in the coming weeks, which he refused to answer. But his actions appear to be speaking louder than any words he might utter on the topic.

His stop in South Florida is merely one of many in long itinerary to various Democrat constituencies ranging from an address at an Atlanta synagogue to an AFL-CIO event in Pittsburgh next week.

Speculation can be summed succinctly: why would the vice president be traveling and speaking so much during campaign season if not to lay the ground for a White House bid?