Carson and Fiorina Surging in New National Poll

The latest national poll from PPP shows Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina moving to the front of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, in 2nd and 4th place respectively.

Carson is running at 15%, the only candidates aside from frontrunner Donald Trump to be polling in double digits. Carson’s favorability is by far the best in the field, as he has a favorable image among 68% of respondents and an unfavorable image among only 14%.

Fiorina polls at 8% with solid favorability ratings as well. She has a favorable image with 53% of respondents and an unfavorable image among 23%.

Fiorina has the most to gain from these polls, as she needs them to counteract her lower polling numbers from prior to the first debate, which factor heavily into her eligibility for the second debate. It should also be noted that just today, an article in National Journal argued that it is more important how well she performs at the national level than in just New Hampshire and Iowa.

PPP’s poll reflects on the national level the findings of two recent polls conducted in Iowa that also show Carson and Fiorina surging to the top of the pack.

Additionally, this and other polls show Scott Walker dropping precipitously. In PPP’s poll, he dropped 12 points, from 17% the last time the poll was taken to 5% and 8th place in the latest results.

A final interest result: John Kasich doubled his showing from the previous run of the poll. He was running at 3% and he is now up to 6%.