Trumps Surges in New Hampshire, Fiorina Running Third

On the heels of his blast into the deep south, Donald Trump’s newfound juggernaut status among the GOP field continues unabated as his support appears to be growing among Republican voters in the early primaries.

According to the latest PPP survey, Trump has surged in New Hampshire to an unprecedented 35% among likely voters.

What’s more, it represents possibly the quickest surge by a candidate who was not even included in the polls as late as April.

Trump’s lead is more than triple the number of his closest competitor, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who is pulling 11% support.

Perhaps some of the biggest news is that Carly Fiorina is now running third with 10%. She needs this kind of bump in the polls to make it onto the stage for CNN’s upcoming debate.

Followed by Fiorina is Jeb Bush and Scott Walker tied for fourth at 8%, both of whom have crashed from 20-plus points in pre-debate polls.

Among the early frontrunners, Jeb Bush appears to have taken the biggest hit in New Hampshire with his negative numbers higher than his positives at a 41/38 split.

Should additional polls emerge in other states that reflect this trend, the second Republican debate stage could look radically different than the first.