Judge: Hillary Violated Federal Rules

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is presiding over the FOIA suit which brought much of the details of Servergate to light, ordered the State Department this week to coordinate with the FBI in its search for official records on Hillary Clinton’s home-based server.

Justice Department attorneys defending the State Department argued that FOIA requests typically do not extend to searches of personal email accounts, which incensed Sullivan.

The judge retorted, “We’re not talking about a search of anyone’s random email. We wouldn’t be here today if [Hillary] had followed government policy.”

Explaining that the FOIA request involves an extraordinary situation, Sullivan stated boldly that Hillary’s actions in conducting government business on her private server constitutes a “violation of government policy.”

The remarks are the first time the court has specifically accused Hillary as having broken the rules, which contradicts her claim as recently as this week that she did what “was legally permitted.”

Sullivan, ironically appointed by President Bill Clinton, is the same judge who recently threatened to hold IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in contempt for stonewalling on a FOIA request for the lost emails of Lois Lerner.