Trump Unveils Immigration Plan

Still leading every poll since the first GOP debate by an average of 22 points, Donald Trump unveiled this week a bold plan on immigration.

Previously, Trump’s rhetoric on immigration has been limited to broad proclamations about a “great, great wall” along the southern border which might have a “beautiful door” on it for those wanting to immigrate legally.

But his new policy proposal — the only position listed on his campaign website thus far — calls for mass deportation of as many as 12 million illegal immigrants.

Trump’s plan goes further to suggest that the so-called “anchor baby” epidemic in which illegal immigrants are granted legal status after they birth a child inside the U.S. border can be ended by scrapping the 14th Amendment’s provision for naturalization by birth.

Critics argue that both proposals lack seriousness, specifically that mass deportation would require more than a decade and hundreds of billions in costs.

Yet that plan has not stopped Trump’s fellow GOP hopefuls from following suit as he leads the pack on the debate, specifically Scott Walker who has adopted the ‘build a wall’ rhetoric in recent days in hope of regaining his lost steam in Iowa.