Fox News v. The Donald

Photo by Gage Skidmore

It’s being described as a clash of titans that threatened the undoing of both before cooler heads prevailed this week between Donald Trump and Fox News’ Chief Roger Ailes.

Last Thursday’s GOP Debate opened up with salvos from Fox News’ moderators directed primarily at frontrunner Donald Trump in a no-holds-barred fashion.

But when Megyn Kelly dropped the bombshell question concerning his repeated misogyny, Trump was incensed and felt personally attacked.

That question set off a tit for tat fight in which Trump tweeted incessantly alleging ill motives on the part of Kelly and Fox News froze Trump out from its election coverage.

The fight escalated to a feverish pitch in which early in the week it was the one story all other networks were covering after Kelly refused to apologize to Trump.

Before a truce was called via a phone call between the two, Ailes demanded that Trump either call off his attacks on Kelly or ‘we go to war’.

Since that phone call, Trump has been complementary of Ailes and mum on Kelly while the network has begun covering his campaign again and inviting him to interviews.