6th Planned Parenthood Video: Fetuses Obtained Without Regard to Consent

Wednesday marked the release of the sixth among the series of videos release by the Center for Medical Progress as a part of its undercover sting against Planned Parenthood.

In the latest video, Holly O’Donnell, a former “procurement technician” for a medical research company, was interviewed about the nature of her company’s purchase of fetal remains from Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.

Among the details, O’Donnell revealed that her company would routinely coordinate with Planned Parenthood to send technicians to the facilities on days when the most abortions were scheduled in hopes of obtaining the highest volume of fetal remains.

In a telling admission, O’Donnell said she was pressured to get aborted fetuses with or without the consent of the patients, a clear violation of federal law.

Her employer also reportedly had access to intimate details about patients scheduled for abortions so that it could better plan its acquisitions and revenue forecasting.

The video continues the steam behind the movement on Capitol Hill to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood immediately after the congressional recess.