Trump Opens Lead

Photo by Gage Skidmore

With the first GOP primary debate only two days away, candidates continue clamoring for additional coverage in hopes a polling bump might push them into a seat on the stage.

This morning saw the release of four new national polls which all consistently show real estate mogul Donald Trump with a new commanding lead among the field.

Fox News, Bloomberg, CBS and Monmouth all completed their polls on Sunday, each putting Trumps double-digit lead anywhere from 21 to 26 percent.

It marks the first time in at least three months when any of the candidates has approached support by a quarter of likely GOP voters.

Jeb Bush’s support remained steady with a high mark of 15 points, but Scott Walker and others each gave up points from previous polls which suggests that Trump’s support is pulling from across the spectrum.

Meanwhile, the polls appeared to be solidifying new momentum by Ohio Gov. John Kasich who may have overtaken Rick Perry for a last-place spot in the debate behind Gov. Chris Christie.