Hillary Takes Heat from the GOP Field

(Joe Shearer/The Daily Nonpareil via AP)

Last week’s request by two independent inspectors general for an investigation by the Department of Justice has broadened Hillary Clinton’s email scandal ever more since the controversy first hit the headlines five months ago.

On Friday, Hillary and Team Clinton reiterated the argument that her email communications delivered via the private home-based server were not classified.

The claim drew multiple responses from the GOP field over the weekend who took advantage of Hillary’s increasing vulnerability.

Donald Trump, who continues in the lead of the GOP field according to at least three national polls, boldly called Hillary’s actions “criminal” saying they should disqualify her from running.

Carly Fiorina chimed in during a Fox News interview that it’s “crystal clear” Hillary broke the law and her having wiped her server only further implicates her in the ordeal.

Rand Paul told Fox New Sunday, “I think it’s pretty damning that President Obama’s Justice Department has even brought this up,”

Newly installed Attorney General Loretta Lynch responded to the media storm confirming that the department has received the requests for investigation and will review them accordingly.