Eighteen and Counting: John Kasich Jumps Into the Ring

Photo by Marc Nozell

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s political hokey pokey will reportedly come to an end this week after his campaign made clear he intends to formally enter the Republican race for the nomination on Tuesday.

Kasich’s timing, which likely will make him the final official entrant, is almost surely coordinated to earn a quick bump in the polls in hopes that a decent standing will win him a spot on the stage in the critical August 6 Fox News debate.

Just over two weeks away, Fox News will offer invitations to the top ten candidates in a medley of national polls just before the event commences. The network also agreed to stage a minor debate earlier in the day for those candidates who do not make the cut.

Kasich’s position in the RCP average has him currently in 12th place at 1.5%, but that position is well within the margin of error which he shares with Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina and Lindsey Graham.

Eight of the slots on the stage will likely be filled by the top contenders, which means the bottom seven candidates will be fighting in a veritable game of political musical chairs for the remaining two slots.