Scott Walker Is Officially In

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Almost no one questioned whether Gov. Scott Walker ultimately would be running for president, and now with a Monday announcement he has finally made it official.

After tweeting this morning with a declaration that he is “in”, Walker planned an announcement event from Waukesha, Wisconsin, the same site where he celebrated his victory of the recall effort a little more than two years ago.

Walker has triumphed over massive political opposition three times in four years, including a reported total of as much as $250 million combined spending by unions, PACs and candidates to defeat him.

It is a score card he is quick to remind voters of in his track record of defeating unions in the heavily organized blue state which has not historically been kind to Republican presidential candidates.

Added to his long list of campaign and policy victories, Walker’s every-man appeal, an attribute which he is quick to exploit, continues to win him approval among the Republican voter base in the early primary states and in national polls.

He has remained in the top two or three in almost every national poll conducted in the last 90 days and his lead in Iowa continues to solidify ahead of the Aug. 6th debate.