Smoking Gun: Lois Lerner Scandal Implicates White House

[Photo credit: Lending Memo]

Judicial Watch has served as the tip of the spear via its FOIA suit against the IRS in the efforts to uncover clear evidence that the so-called Lois Lerner scandal amounted to much more than simply unethical choices by rogue agents.

And now the group’s review of documents released by the Inspector General appear to offer proof of a broader conspiracy to target conservative political groups ahead of the 2012 election.

Uncovered in the files were details of meetings in October of 2010 between the IRS, the FBI and the Department of Justice in which strategies for prosecuting conservative groups were discussed in detail.

What’s more, the IRS broke federal regulations by handing over more than a million pages of non-profit tax returns to the FBI to aid in its investigation of conservative activists.

The probe of the IRS to date has been led by the DOJ, which has Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton questioning why the FBI and Justice Department are heading the investigation of the “very scandal in which they are implicated.”

Critics of the Obama administration are calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to head efforts to uncover political corruption which could threaten to broaden the scandal to Watergate proportions.